Justin Peters will speak in 4 Plenary Sessions on Clouds Without Water addressing the full Conference each morning and also lead 2 Sessions on Hermeneutics (an overview – not a full treatment of such a massive topic).

Though his first love is expository preaching, the thing for which Justin Peters is most well-known is his Seminar entitled “Clouds Without Water” which he teaches all around the globe. “Clouds Without Water” is a biblical critique of a movement properly called the Word-Faith movement but more commonly known as the Health and Wealth, or, Prosperity gospel. Word-Faith theology holds that it is always God’s will for a Christian to be financially wealthy and physically healed. It holds that believers can be rich and never be sick as long as they have enough faith and “sow seeds” into a preacher’s ministry so that they can, in turn, “reap a harvest.” Word-Faith theology is led by people such as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, and many others.

This movement is actually rooted in the metaphysical cults such as New Thought, Gnosticism and Christian Science. It is cultic theology that has been wrapped in some Christian lingo. “Clouds Without Water” contains dozens of video clips of today’s prominent Word-Faith teachers so that people can hear exactly what these false prophets are teaching. Then every point of error is, point by point, corrected by Scripture. The purpose of this Seminar is not only to point out the error of the Word-Faith movement but also to equip believers in the Truth of God’s Word.