Registration is ₹2000/- per person for the NEFC 24; Children between 5 to 10 years is ₹1000/- per child. Registration includes study material notes and meals from Monday the 1st evening Tea to Friday the 5th Lunch.

Registration fee is to be paid to Love Maharashtra. Click on the link below.

Please note that all Travel Arrangements and Hotel Accommodation is to be borne by the participants.

Please pay your Hotel Accommodation directly to the relevent Hotel. The check-in and check-out time are different for different hotels.

Hotels near NEFC Goa venue

  1. Hotel Wayfarer 91564 26221
  2. Hotel Gautam Goa 98221 25167
  3. Hotel Ashirwd 83902 20835
  4. Angels Resort 98227 93037
  5. Hotel Westwood Residence 97649 12247
  6. Spring De Goa 77091 28839

 A few bunker beds FOR MEN ONLY are available at the PTS Dormitory; they are available for ₹2500/- per per person from Monday the 1st Jan 24 Noon to Friday the 5th Jan 24 Noon for the NEFC 24.  Additonal stay at PTS Dorm is ₹500/- per day.

For information please contact Stanley 88703 01247

Please click on this link for payment details


Conference Registration

Your registration will be complete after we receive your application form and Payment of registration.